Your Love and Money Psychic Reading

If everything in life is love as the great sages and masters keep reminding us, then why is love simply not flowing in most people’s life as it should? And why is money not flowing in most peoples life as it should?

Love in it’s true essence comes from a very silent watchful state of being. When we do not impose our beliefs upon the true nature of life, love is present. From this state of being everything is in greater balance. Problems that arise with people connecting or not connecting with their true soul mate or from empty or difficult relationships, have very little impact or meaning. Money and opportunities for more money appear out of the blue with very little effort. Their cup is full right?

In reality, this is simply not available to most people. We have all been greatly dis-empowered and mislead for centuries. This has maintained and empowered a consciousness of separation through the generations that has lead to enormous pressures in almost every facet of life today. The state of consciousness now keeps most people distracted enough to never be able to experience and share love in it’s true essence.

Love as most people know it, is experienced in small moments of sharing with friends, when in nature, when achieving a goal, when spending money, when following a creative pursuit and sometimes simply out of the blue for no apparent reason at all. However, for most people life has many challenges as well with stressful days, financial insecurity, painful sorrows, debilitating fears and for some great loneliness. Love is rarely experienced as a constant. All relationships as well as finances do eventually become blocked or tainted due to this.

There are solutions and it starts with very honest insights that come from higher places with profound timing. The insights and honesty within yourself eventually build to a great awakening that cannot be stopped. Love will consume you, money will flow and life will be in greater harmony for you.

In Your Personal Love and Money Psychic Reading, I will connect with your future love and financial energies around you. I am going to go deep within your core to the place that not too many can see and bring forth the next step on your path that will help improve your love and money flow if you are willing to be very honest. You have guides on higher levels that understand your journey that want to help you.

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